Unlike many agencies, Wise Owl Research was created to offer market research services tailored to the services sector. With less tangibility and a more time bound offer, services have different marketing and thus market research requirements.


Company founder, Lisa Bould, has over a decade of experience in marketing and market research for the services sector and holds a Master’s degree specifically in Services Marketing. Read more about Lisa here.


Experience plays a major role in the success of a services business, as does word of mouth recommendation and our range of services reflect this.


Services from Wise Owl Research offer not only high quality research design and implementation but also detailed reporting with actionable key points ensuring that your investment in market research has maximum impact for your business going forward.

Wise Owl Research is based in the beautiful Lower Mainland of British Columbia.


customer satisfaction research


Do you know how regularly you hit the mark for your clients? How frequently you get it wrong? What you do great, and what you could do even better?


Understanding customer satisfaction is crucial for any business, but particularly so for services where experience is a major part of the transaction and can win or lose repeat business.


Wise Owl Research can help you gather the intelligence you need to ensure your customers are getting what they want, and more!


Customer satisfaction research can take a variety of forms depending on your business model and the way in which you interact with your customers, examples include, but are not limited to:


  • on site surveys e.g. quick fill cards

  • online surveys promoted on site, on receipts, in your company newsletter, by direct mail to your mailing list, on your website...

  • qualitative interviews or focus groups with segments of your client base e.g. regular clients, clients you haven't heard from for a while, customers of a specific profile that you would like to engage more regularly etc.

NEW SERVICE research


If you're considering a new service for your business, it's always a good idea to test it out before you invest significant amounts of time and/or money into the new idea.


  • Will it be appealing to new customers?

  • Will it add to your customer base or will it compete with your existing services for the same customers?

  • How might the new service idea be tweaked to have maximum appeal?

  • When would be the right time to launch the new service?

  • What would be the right price point?

  • What is the competitive landscape for this service and how can you make your business stand out amongst the crowd?


We can help you answer these questions (and more) through focus groups, interviews, surveys and web research.



Word of mouth marketing is critical for most businesses, and even more so for services where people often rely on the experiences of others to make their choice of, for example, which restaurants to eat at, which gyms to join, which hotels to stay in, where to get their hair styled or which banks to use.


Simply meeting the expectations of your clients or customers is rarely enough to instigate spontaneous recommendation to others, the key is exceeding expectations.


The Recommendation Audit and Tracker from Wise Owl Research is based on the widely used and accepted method for researching willingness to recommend – the Net Promotor Score (NPS). The NPS classifies service users into three groups – advocates (those who would actively recommend your business), the passively satisfied (those that were happy with their experience but would not necessarily go out of their way to recommend you to others) and detractors (those that would suggest to others that they should not use your business).


Using just one question (plus optional profiling questions) we are able to provide a snap shot of willingness to recommend amongst your client base, including (where samples permit) a breakdown of which segments of your audience are more likely to be positive, which are more likely to be negative, and crucially, for what reasons.


The Recommendation Audit report provides an overall ‘score’ and scores for sub-sets of your customer base where applicable with targeted action points for helping to convert the passively satisfied to advocates.


If you opt for our Tracker service, we will revisit the Audit after an agreed period of time when some or all of the recommendations have been implemented to re-test willingness to recommend using the initial score as a benchmark for comparison. This can be repeated periodically in order to track longitudinally and measure the impact of your activities.



How well does your website reflect your business, your brand and the services that you offer? Are your messages clear? Do you put in lights the things that make your business great and better than the competition?


Our comprehensive website reviews cover design, content and functionality and can either be a review of just your own site in reference to your business objectives and service offer, a comparison with competitors’ sites, or both.


Our approach includes an initial discussion with you to understand the key elements of your business, what you would like people to know and think about it and crucially, what your service offers are and what makes them special. We will then compare what you tell us with what your website tells us.


Review of competitors’ websites can help to show the extent to which your unique selling points truly are unique and how they present their offer to your shared audience.


As with all our services, website reviews include a full detailed report with an action point summary for easy use and internal dissemination. Web review reports include screenshots and links of the sites reviewed for quick and easy reference.



A mystery shopping review from Wise Owl Research will provide you with an in-depth account of first hand customer experience - the good, the bad and the ugly!


We will pose as a regular customer, try out your services and report back with all you need to know from what was great and where improvements could be made.


Mystery shopper reviews include a full detailed report with clear action items. We can also call back for a follow up review to see how things have changed.



Research with your stakeholders shouldn't necessarily be limited to external audiences, understanding how your employees feel about your brand and the services that you offer is a valuable tool for enhancing your business.

For services, with word of mouth being oh so important, what better advocates to have than the people who work for you?

These are often the people that interact most with your customers and contribute to their experience of your business.


Do your staff feel informed? Are they happy? Do they believe in your brand? Do they recommend your business to others outside of their working roles and responsibilities? Do they have any suggestions for how things might be done that little bit better?


Wise Owl Research offers a variety of internal research options from one-on-one interviews to larger scale employee surveys. We provide an impartial third party to the mix to allow staff to feel comfortable giving open and honest feedback.



You have the ideas in place for the research you need to undertake. You would like to be able to manage your company market research in-house but just need a little helping hand getting set up - that's where we come in...


Not all companies need to outsource their market research activities, but if you need support in setting up your in-house operations, we are happy to help.


There are three critical elements for successful market research: asking the right people the right questions at the right time. Small flaws in research design can result in hard earned data being meaningless, we can help you avoid that and get maximum value from your findings.


We can assist with the following and more:


  • set up of online survey software including creating accounts, designing company templates and staff training

  • training workshops for best practice in research design and analysis

  • professional review of your draft research instruments such as surveys or focus group discussion guides

  • help with approaches to analysis to get the most from the data you have collected



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